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An accessory for fashion shoes

With nearly 20 years' experience, in 1989 the Ceccato Company founded Guardolificio Ceccato. The firm is based in Vigonovo, in Riviera del Brenta, not far from Venice. The Ceccato company is a family-run business and it is managed by Alessandro Ceccato, the third generation owner. Although still quite young, he has already a great deal of experience in the field.

By turning design and ideas into a final product, we aim to completely satisfy our customers' needs. In order to do that, we combine flexibility and quality craftmanship.
We cooperate with established local firms and with some international companies. Our purpose for the future is to stick to fashion trends, in order to be able to satisfy every request.

District of Riviera del Brenta

Guardolificio Ceccato is the only firm specialized in production of welts of all types and materials. Riviera del Brenta is an area historically renowned for excellence in footwear production, expecially for women. Today it has become one of the most prestigious manufacturing districts in Italy.